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CPM Machine
CPM Machine gently pushes the shoulder joint through a range of motion set on the machine for a specific amount of time. The physical therapist can vary the amount of movement and speed of a motorized device that gently bends the joint back and forth to a specific number of degrees.

Dressing Kit
Dressing Kit is used for performing dressing and bandaging is included in our kit. All of the tools are constructed of professional-grade surgical stainless steel. A personal protection set, disposable bag barrier, sterile exam gloves, and waterless hand cleanser are included in the kit. 
VAC Canisters and Disposables
VAC Canisters and Disposables aid in the management of suction waste by offering simple, safe, and comprehensive solutions. The small, compact design saves room and money when it comes to portable suction devices. They are very effective as well as economical to utilize. They are safe to operate. 

Tourniquet Machine
Tourniquet Machine is a medical gadget that applies circumferential pressure to a limb to block a blood artery momentarily. Personalized tourniquet instruments comes with a variety of pneumatic cuffs that may be connected to them, allowing the complete system to operate at its best in terms of safety, precision, and reliability.
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Device
The negative Pressure Wound Therapy Device is designed and manufactured by our skilled professionals using high-grade raw materials. We were able to maintain a true care routine till healing while lowering the cost of therapy, the number of bandages, and the length of stay in the hospital thanks to NPWT.
Cervical Traction Device
A cervical Traction Device drastically improves the way you move and feel throughout the day in the correct circumstances. Apart from this, it is a manual treatment for relieving pain caused by pressure on the afflicted spinal discs. This is safe to use. 

ICU Ventilator
ICU Ventilator assists the lungs in inhaling and exhaling air, making it easier for the patient to breathe. Ambulance personnel, first responders, and critical care units will all benefit from this tool. It's small, light, and simple to operate. This device is very easy to install and provides fast treatment too. 
BIPAP Machine
BIPAP Machine inflates your lungs with pressurized air. This comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. When you use BiPap, you get positive air pressure on both sides of your mouth when you breathe in and out. This machine is highly appreciated by our people, in the market. 

Sequential Compression Device
A sequential Compression Device is frequently used until you are able to stand and walk, after the surgery. Compression, on the other hand, must be employed in order to be helpful, and it is most beneficial when used continually during the perioperative journey. This device is very much safe and widely utilized. 

Rehabilitation Equipment
Rehabilitation Equipment is primarily employed to execute routine activities quickly and comfortably. This equipment is used to repair different regions of the body, and several sorts of therapies are used. To treat various sorts of disabilities, a therapist may need a variety of machines and equipment. This is greatly used. 

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